What are the vision and mission of fashionfitr™?

Our vision: “Optimising the online fashion world and improving the online shopping experience”.

Our mission: “To ensure that online shoppers can order their size and ‘perfect fit’ with confidence.

What are the advantages of fashionfitr™?

For the shop
• for multi and mono brand web shops
• integration on the product page customer website
• statistics & analytics for E-Commerce manager
• less returns, higher conversion
• reduction in loss and items ‘in circulation’
• savings on transport and packaging
• savings in time and handling
• sustainable, efficient and affordable

For the customer
• better communication and improved shopping experience
• compare and measure in one widget
• large database with ‘comparable’ most popular brands
• clicks for size up or size down for the ‘perfect fit’
• no measuring tools required

What is the business model and what are the costs of fashionfitr™?

Fashionfitr™ uses a SaaS (Software as a Service) model with a one-off setup fee and a monthly subscription. The costs are substantially lower than what you are missing out on in extra conversion. In short, integrating fashionfitr™ in your shop is a ‘win-win’ situation for all parties involved, including online shoppers.

For rates, quotes and/or more information, please contact us on +31 (0)20 244 37 34 or email sales@fashionfitr.com.

Do I need a contract with fashionfitr™?

No, you do not need a contract, because you can cancel fashionfitr™ monthly. We are confident about our service and do not need to tie you into anything.

What if one or more brands are not in your database?

Should some brands you sell in your web shop not be in our database, we will add these. Your own brand with size details can also be included in our database.

*Note. With fashionfitr™, only CTA buttons of brands we have the size details of will be shown! Expanding, adjusting and updating brand data is a continuous process.

How does integrating fashionfitr™ in our web shop work?

Our step-by-step plan for integrating fashionfitr™ in your shop is as follows:

I. We make an inventory of the brands you sell in your web shop;

II. You will provide us with your developer’s contact details, in order to discuss the integration.

The operational manager will coordinate everything with you and send your developer the data (integration manual) so they can get to work on the integration, with help and support from our development department where necessary.

After everything has been integrated, the cta button will be placed on the productpage of your shop, we will carry out some tests. And after your approval, fashionfitr™ will go live in your web shop.

Integrating fashionfitr™ can be done quickly and efficiently in cooperation with your developer.

Do you have plug-ins for the various platforms?

Yes, we have plug-ins for multiple platforms such as Magento 1, Magento 2, Woocommerce, NextChapter, Lightspeed, CCV, Salesforce etc. Fashionfitr™ can be integrated into any platform.

What is the co-op marketing plan?

We have a co-op marketing plan that contributes to even better communication and use of fashionfitr™ by your customers in your web shop. For more information, please call (+31 (0)20 244 37 34 or email sales@fashionfitr.com.

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FiftySix Avenue BV
P.O. Box 2080
7420 AB Deventer
The Netherlands
T: +31 (0)20 244 37 34
E: sales@fashionfitr.com

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FiftySix Avenue BV
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7420 AB Deventer
the Netherlands
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E: sales@fashionfitr.com

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