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With fashionfitr we develop an amazing service for you and your customers.

Fashionfitr offers two ways to order the perfect size. Comparing a garment you already own and entering a few measurements. Next the customer can select if they want a bigger or a smaller size, if that fits them better.

Shopping experience

With fashionfitr you can easily enter the brand and size of a similar garment you already own. Next the perfect size for the garment you are shopping for will be recommended.


Improve the efficiency of your web shop by providing fashionfitr as a service. Save considerably on returns and handling costs and increase conversion.

Environmentally friendly

Because returns will decrease/diminish you will save considerably on transport, storage and packaging materials. This results in a lower carbon footprint!

Our best features

Several of the most relevant features of fashionfitr.

When your requests have been made clear we will work with you and provide a fast and perfect implementation of fashionfitr in your web shop.

Comparing or measuring.

Fashionfitr comes with two possibilities for ordering the perfect size; by comparing with a garment the customer already owns or by entering a few measurements.

A size larger or smaller

No one is the same. One may prefer tighter clothes, another something more loose. Click and choose if a larger or smaller size best fits you.

Statistics & Analytics

With your own client login your E-Commerce manager has acces to tools to conduct A/B tests, make KPI analyses and to look at statistics.

All languages

We can provide fashionfitr in any language. This service will lead to an increase in conversion because the customer can more intuitively choose the right size.

Modularly built

We built fashionfitr in the following moduals: Casual & Leisure, Jeans & Chino’s, Sportswear & apparel, Bodyfashion & Lingery and Formal wear & Shirts.

Mobile version

Ordering online on mobile devices is on the rise. By also making fashionfitr available on mobile devices we improve service and reach.

See our references

A testphase of more than 6 months has proven savings on returns of 27% and increase in conversion of 3.6% to be realistic.

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FiftySix Avenue BV
P.O. Box 2080
7420 AB Deventer
the Netherlands
T: +31 (0)570 50 30 00
E: sales@fashionfitr.com

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FiftySix Avenue BV
P.O. Box 2080
7420 AB Deventer
the Netherlands
T: +31 (0)570 50 30 00
E: sales@fashionfitr.com

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